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Choose RIG Class:

Class 00, Max Use 500V AC | 750V DC

$75.00 – $139.00

Class 0, Max Use 1,000V AC | 1,500V DC

$80.00 – $144.00

Class 1, Max Use 7,500V AC | 11,250V DC

$140.00 – $253.00

Class 2, Max Use 17,000V AC | 25,500V DC

$205.00 – $348.00

Class 3, Max Use 26,500V AC | 39,750V DC

$255.00 – $418.00

Class 4, Max Use 36,000V AC | 54,000V DC

$395.00 – $588.00

  • OSHA Compliant testing included with your RIG purchase.


Download and print this file.

Make sure to print at Actual Size, 100% (Do not select ‘fit to page’).
Place your hand on the glove chart to determine your size.

RIG Color Chart

What is Shock PPE?

Shock Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) acts as a barrier to protect a person from an electrical current. PPE is made from non-conductive materials and is rated based on voltage protection.

PPE is color-coded as a guideline for the wearer. It is important to read the labels of your PPE to ensure you are wearing the appropriate level of protection.

Our shop offers all classes and sizes of Rubber Insulating Gloves and accessories. OSHA compliant testing is included with your purchase.